NGOs, and Sustainable Development Initiatives

NGOs perform and govern a range of social and economic development activities in societies with weak and limited statehood. In national and regional contexts we implement community development programmes and work in partnership with other national and international NGOs to achieve Sustainable Development Goals: Our focus is on;

  • Linking provision of basic needs such as clean water, health services, education, and sports activities with peace education processes
  • Organising and sustaining dialogue among diverse stakeholders at the community level

Related Projects

  • Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH-UNICEF): Providing clean water and linking to conflict and peacebuilding activities in partnership with HOPE International Canada
  • Capacity Building: Water management, water technical maintenance, and community dialogue processes in alliance with HOPE International Canada
  • Sports4Peace: Engaging Somali youth in sports activities as well as peace education that present and promote peaceful alternatives to violence with CFLI and Canadian Embassy Kenya.